Testimonies from our spiritual family


A few weeks ago, Peninnah prayed for a man who is selling noodles in a cafeteria on the hospital campus. He was in his 60s/70s and had osteoporosis and bone degradation in his left knee. His condition was causing him severe pain and he was wearing a bandage. The doctors told him the condition was due to his age. Peninnah commanded a new bone and as she was praying and had laid her hands on the man’s knee she could feel the bone reconstructing and smoothening. The man could feel it as well. A couple of days later, we both met the man in the morning and prayed for him again. He reported that the knee was feeling much better, that the pain had left him, and that on that morning he had already gone to the market without experiencing any pain.  A few days later we prayed for him again, and a couple to days after that Peninnah met him again pushing a big cart with groceries. He wasn’t wearing the bandage anymore. He reported Peninnah that the pain had completely gone and said, “Thank you God.” He is now open to hear the good news about Jesus. Hallelujah!




Albert and sister Eaw went to visit the man who had received healing for his knee condition on Friday last week. When his wife called him to come to the basement of the building where we were, he almost ran down the stairs! He happily reported that so far he got around 70% healing (without any other medical treatment/medication/etc) as a result of our prayer. He was extremely happy to see us again, and next time we will preach to him more about Jesus. We prayed again also for his knee. Jesus is healing today!


Update: The man is still well and his knee still healed. He and his wife are very happy every time we meet him. We still need to find time to sit together with them, and preach the gospel to them. (How shall they believe, unless someone preaches to them?)


Albert & Peninnah




We met a young men (a first year student) on crutches in the stairway of a shopping center on Mother's day (August 12) with his parents. He had been involved in an accident that damaged his left hip and also one of his legs was about 1 centimeter (in our estimation) shorter. Albert prayed for him and after prayer, the parents said that his hips were now more even than before. We asked him to keep walking up the stairs without crutches, which he could. He will still need additional prayer, but he has received some partial healing. The young man's mother was especially happy as they had just a day before been sharing their concerns about their son's condition.


Update: We called the student altely and he reported that he had gone to the orthopedist who found nothing wrong with him anymore. Hallelujah! Next we are planning to call the student's family to aske them if we can come and share the gospel of Jesus with them. (Jesus didn't instruct us to invite people to come to a meeting, but he told us to go to their house and if they are persons of peace to heal the sick, preach the gospel and eat and drink with them).


Albert & Peninnah




We went praying for people at a local market yesterday (August 16) and saw people with shoulder immobility (pain) and back pains getting healed. We met one lady in her 60s that had walking difficulites/knee pain (she was using a stick) who was surprisingly open and very happy to receive prayer. We found out that her right leg was about 1 cm shorter, which the lady also confirmed to be the case. During prayer the shorter leg grew out to be the same length as the longer leg. The lady was very happy and profusely thanked us. We also were very happy to be able to have experienced Jesus working through us! Praise the Lord! Jesus is healing today!


Albert & Peninah




Peninnah got a phone call last Monday from one of the mothers of a girl who participated in one of Peninnah's medical research projects. She wanted to consult Peninnah about her brother in law who lives in another area of the city, who had been having continuous hickup for 6 days (the hickup continued day and night (!) for 5-6 hours per one round, then stopped for 10-15 minutes and then started again). Peninnah asked her whether she could call the man. When she called, Peninnah felt like to pray for him straightaway over the phone. She told him to put his hand on his throat and to listen to Peninnah's command. Peninnah then prayed and also told him that if the hickup doesn't stop within 2 hours that he  might want to see a doctor, but he and his wife didn't want to go to see a doctor anymore because they believed that it wouldn't help and they had already gone to a hospital before without any improvements. One the next morning , around 9 am Peninnah felt like to call him and the wife picked up the phone and was very happy because she had just prayed that God would inspire Peninnah to call them again because on that morning at around 8 am the husband started to have hickup again after he had slept the whole night without hickup. Peninnah then commanded again the hickup to go, and on Friday afternoon she called the family again. The wife of the man reported that her husband had been totally healed after the second prayer and hadn't had any hickup for the whole week. He could also eat, sleep, and rest well again. She then invited Peninnah to visit them and asked her to bring a bible with her. The wife also revealed that she was disabled and had been in a wheel chair for 20 years. We are now looking forward to visiting them this week and to see what the Lord is further going to do! Hallelujah!


Update: The man who received healing from hickup and his wife have since heard the gospel (we went to their house last week), they believed and got baptized, and received the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!


Albert & Peninnah



HALLELUJAH, Jesus healed, saved and touched people in Poland this week!!
We had an amazing week in Poland together with our friends Karolina, Kamil and little Sara.
Jesus touched and healed family members, friends and other people we met on the streets.
The 90 year old lady in the picture (turning 91 in August) was totally free from pain in her leg that she damaged when she fell in the stairs. The leg was painful all the time and especially when she stood up and walked. After she was healed she gave her life to Jesus, Halleluja!
The man on the other picture had a circulation problem in his right arm and had problem with breathing and pain in the right side of his chest, after prayer he felt much better, was very happy and gave us a lot of kisses. His wife that Karolina had prayed for before, was much better in her back but still had some small pain, we prayed again for her back and she felt warm and the pain reduced even more. We believe Jesus will take away all her back pain. She had also pain in both her knees, especially the right knee that also was swollen and much bigger than the left knee. When Cheryl put her hand on the right knee she said she felt fire coming upon her knee, and the pain reduced and was better in both of her knees. All honor to Jesus who confirms his word:

Mark 16:17-18: “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."

Matt 10:8: “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.”

Roy & Cheryl

We went to visit the mom of one of our sisters in Chiang Dao last Sunday and could talk to her about receiving the Holy Spirit. She had been in ministry for kids of hilltribe families for about 10 years but had not received the Holy Spirit yet. We preached the gospel to her, and then asked her if she would like to receive the Holy Spirit. She said that she had been baptized by full immersion already and that she had understood the meaning of baptism when she got baptized (co-death and co-burial with Jesus). After instructing her about the Holy Spirit, we laid hands on her and she gloriously received the Holy Spirit in power with the accompanying sign of speaking in other tongues. Praise the Lord!

Albert & Peninnah


Went back to a market where we had prayed for people already a couple of times and a shopkeeper happily reported to us that her hearing has gone back to normal after prayer. She keep waiing us (a Thai form of greeting where people press their hands together at chest hight) almost every 5 minutes while we were there. A lady we also prayed for last time and she received healing of her shoulder reported us that the shoulder is still ok as well. Praise God!

Albert & Peninnah


Went to visit an orphanage yesterday and prayed again for a deaf girl we had prayed for also previously. We prayed for her again and after prayer tested her ears. She could repeat the sounds I spoke in her ear softly (she appeared to hear better in her left ear than in her right ear; we'll still keep praying). Praise the Lord! She now just needs to keep learning how to speak. Her friends also noticed that she is now aware when something is falling down on the ground (meaning that she can hear something). As far as we know, she has been fully deaf before. 

Hallelujah! This is very encouraging for us, as we have already seen the hearing of a 82 year old man restored through prayer (see Healing Testimonies).

Albert & Peninnah


Halleluja, Jesus healed young men on the streets in Sandefjord today!!!
 We were out in Sandefjord centrum today to “kick start” our two new Polish friends that recently received Jesus, were baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.
 We went around asking people if they had pain or were sick in their bodies; many people did not have any problem. Then we stopped in front of two young guys sitting on a bench and asked them the same question; they had no problem, but a young man DJ Saygin sitting in his car behind us overheard the conversation and said he had pain in his shoulder. We asked if he could step out of the car, and Karolina prayed for him. He had an operation in his shoulder two years ago and had still pain when he tried to rotate his arm over his head. After prayer we asked him to check it out and he was immediately healed. Halleluja--thank you Jesus. 

We went (happy) further up the streets, and a couple of minutes after DJ Saygin was healed, we heard someone yelling behind us, and 6 young men came running to us. They were all football players in local teams, and four of them had pain problems. They asked if we also could pray for them like we did with DJ Saygin. Woow this was a new experience.

Kamil prayed for two of them which had groin pain, quite normal for football players.

When we asked them to check it out we could easily see and hear that something had happened, they smiled and were wondering what was going on. Then one of them was prayed for several times for his back pain, he had not been able to play football for two weeks, he became better and better and finally he confirmed that all the back pain was gone. The last player was injured in his leg, it had inflammation and it was very hurtful for him to touch his own leg. After more prayers he also confirmed that he was much better. Praise God, thank you Jesus. Later we shared the good news with them, they really listened to us, and we prayed that what is sown in their hearts will grow and bear fruit. Jesus really confirms His word. We just need to obey Him, and do what He has told us to do in His word. 

Roy with Kamil & Karolina

Lina and I are wildly excited, last Sunday we prayed for a lady to be baptised by the Holy Spirit, it happened in an amazing way. She was already water baptised a couple of weeks ago in Cairns but not yet spoke in tongues. We prayed and laid hands on her, it took a little while but she received. She was crying, singing and speaking in tongues, also having visions.
      While we were waiting for her to receive I asked God what else can we do as we are just learning here and suddenly it came to me to put my hands on her head and say "it is not in your head but in your spirit, it will come from your spirit." She later said she felt it explode from her belly, crying and speaking in tongue. Sure was amazing.
     Lina and her have since been praying for an elderly lady with excellent results.
Toby & Lina
About one month ago, we've seen our first leg grow out. We were in Whangarei (NZ) where we prayed for a man (Toni) who had been involved in a car accident during which he had his left foot broken, and  it was about 2.5 cm shorter than the right foot, leaving him with walking difficulties and pain. We had him sit down, then Albert took Toni's feet in his hands at the ankles and we commanded the foot to grow, which it did. It took about 3-5 minutes. Albert could see the leg growing out. Peninnah also felt it, as she had laid her hands on the foot as well, and Toni also felt it. After prayer, Toni got up and said that he could walk much much better than before. A day later, we also met Toni and he said that he had just been standing on both legs for about 30 minutes (as there were no free chairs for him to sit down available), something he had not been able to do before. Praise the Lord! That was a very exciting experience for us. We had seen this happening many times on video but this was the first time that it happened through us. Praise the Lord! The best is yet to come!
Albert & Peninnah