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"Your book is excellent ... I pray many will receive it and act upon it." David Marsh


A simple, and easy-to-read, yet in-depth book about the infilling or baptism with the Holy Spirit

If you haven’t received the Holy Spirit yet but you would like to, then this book is for you.

So far Albert and Peninnah have had the privilege to see hundreds (individuals as well as groups) receive the Holy Spirit—either before, while, or after they got water baptized. In this book they share some of their valuable scriptural insights and personal experiences. 


A New Book on What the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ Is and on How to Receive it

A must-read for every believer


What Is the Gospel and How Can It Be Received?




Part I What is the Gospel?

1 Identification-He Became as We Were so That We Might Become as He Is Now

2 Reconciliation-In Christ, the Father Welcomes Us Home

3 Grace-Undeserved Favor

4 There Is More-Good News from Start to Finish

Part II How Can the Gospel Be Received?

5 Repent-Change the Way You Think

6 Be Baptized for the Remission of Sins-Baptism Links Us With Our Co-Death and Co-Burial With Jesus

7 Receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit-Receiving the Holy Spirit Links Us With Our Co-Resurrection with Jesus

Part III How Can We Build Gospel Truth Into Us?

8 Biblical Meditation-Sanctified Imagination

A New Book: Grace Awakening (1)


Grace Awakening (1): A Compendium of Short Grace-Based Topical Bible Studies


“So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified. ...” (Acts 20:32)

 Find out about 

  • Your new identity in Christ,
  • How the religious spirit operates,
  • The difference between law and grace, and
  • Behavioral change God’s way.


1 I Am a Beloved Child in Whom My Father Is Well Pleased

2 Jesus Has Removed the Garment of Condemnation from Me

3 I Am Righteous in Christ

4 Freedom from the Religious Spirit

5 The Superior and the Inferior Testament

6 The Lenses of Law and Grace: How to Read the Bible

7 The Horse or the Cart? Are You Trying to Be Holy?

Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes - Leif Hetland

Healing the Orphaned Spirit _ Leif Hetland

Leif Hetland - Supernatural Baptism of Love on Sid Roth's Its Supernatural

Sid Roth's Interview with Leif Hetland

The Last Reformation has come to Thailand. "Make disciples ... teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" (Matthew 28)




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Reiki Healer meets Jesus

Laying hands on the sick

Lady gets prayed for with new disciple looking on (on-site training)

Discipleship training

Teenagers who have believed the gospel, been baptized and received the Holy Spirit train laying hands on the sick in a local market

Preaching the gospel

The gospel is being preached (with cups and water)

Discipleship training

Laying hands on the sick

Baptism in water

Thai aunty gets baptized and receives the Holy Spirit with her nephew (after coming to the Lord she eats meat for the first time since she got married >30 yrs ago)

Healing in Thailand

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Testimonies of what Jesus is doing today

Nov 2015

We’ve just received a testimony of Jesus’ healing. Hallelujah!

“A couple of days ago , Mr K and his wife Mrs E called and testified that their daughter had been heal from thyriod. When they checked with doctor for first time doctor said need to do operation after blood test. On the day after we met and prayed, in the evening she go for blood test. When doctor saw her blood result, doctor said everything is normal and no need to operate and no thyroid. Praise the Lord. ... Mrs E said now she understand more about your sharing when she read book of Act. They said please come again when you visit yangon for next time.”


October 13

AMPUTATION_Canceled in Jesus 
Healing Today in Chiang Mai_Thailand

Today I just met a girl who has been diagnosed of gangrene at her both legs. The doctors were planning to amputate her leg since the blood flow stopped. We prayed diligently over her both legs, and COMMANDED the blood to flow, and life to come back in His name. Few days later, the surgery was CANCELED, and her legs both were healed. Praise the LORD.

Today she came to see me for the follow up, and she asked me to pray for her pain. Pain went away quickly in Jesus name.
The Gospel was also preached afterwards at the OPD. Praise the LORD, see how happy she is!

The Harvest is plentiful...TO BE CONTINUED... 

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Love you all.... Peninnah

UPDATE: The young lady who had her legs saved through Jesus has now heard the gospel, believed, gotten baptized, and received the Holy Spirit! Now a new chapter of her life has begun! Jesus makes all things new! Now she needs nurturing and bringing up in the ways of the Lord.  



March 2015

A few days ago one of our spiritual daughters took another young women to us who had already been a believer in Jesus for 10 years. She wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. At first she had believed that everybody who believes in Jesus automatically has received the Holy Spirit. Yet the bible tells us (in Acts 8) that people can have heard the gospel, they can believe, they can even have been baptized, but it does not mean that they have automatically received the Holy Spirit. So Peninnah then preached to her and the young lady understood and wanted to receive the Holy Spirit. We then took her to get baptized (she had been baptized before, but at that time she had not clearly understood about the Holy Spirit), laid hands on her, and she then gloriously received the Holy Spirit (with the sign of tongues). Praise the Lord! Jesus is the baptizer with the Holy Spirit, today!


February 2015

A few weeks ago, we've baptized a lady in BKK who came over from Malaysia to be baptized together with her daughter (who lives in BKK) and her daughter's husband.
The lady from Malaysia already had received the HS before she got baptized, and her daughter received the HS after her baptism in the water. Praise the Lord! 
As a result of that contact, we could also go to a hospital and pray for a lady there, who then also got baptized and her husband. The husband has been a missionary in many Asian countries for over 30 years, and had not yet been baptized in water! The couple both already had received the HS before they got baptized.
Praise the Lord! God is good - all the time!
To be continued ... >>>

Wow! The father of a baby receives the Holy Spirit in a hospital aisle ... Thank you Jesus!

Last Saturday around 9 p.m., after a long day, I meet and had a chance to talk to one of my sister-in-law’s relatives in a private hospital, who was the father of a baby. The baby had developed a rash of her whole body. She was red like a cooked lobster. The father then told me that he (and his wife) were Christians. I then felt led to ask him if he had made this experience called the baptism with the Holy Spirit. He said, ‘No,’ and I could sense that he was very open to hear more. So I talked to him for a few minutes about why and how every believer today can receive the Holy Spirit.

In the crowded lift, while the family took the baby to the ward, I also had a chance to shortly lay my hands on the baby and command the rash to go.
When we reached the ward, the father asked me if I was going to pray for him (also). I hadn’t expected this, but I said, ‘yes’. We then sat down on a few chairs next to the nurses’ station, and I explained to him a bit more about receiving the Holy Spirit and the accompanying sign of speaking in other tongues.

Speaking in tongues is a sign that Jesus said would follow ALL believers (Mark 16). But there is also the gift of tongue that doesn’t follow all believers. So there is a difference between the sign of speaking in tongues (which happens when people receive the Holy Spirit) and the gift of speaking in tongues. The sign of speaking in tongues can’t be interpreted, but the gift of tongues can be interpreted.

Then we laid hands on him, and after a few seconds the Holy Spirit gloriously fell on him in power and he also began to speak in tongues. As we were speaking in tongues, I could see some of the nurses next door curiously trying to peek at us. They didn’t know what was going on out there... But they were very polite and didn’t say anything ...

The father of the baby was very happy and said that this was a new experience for him ... Hallelujah! (By the way, the baby’s rash had also already gone by the time she was given medication, and on the next day the baby was already discharged from the hospital.)

Wow! This shows me that Jesus is so ready to baptize (immerse) believers into the Holy Spirit, and that it is so easy for them to receive the Holy Spirit, if they only hear the right message and are open to Jesus.

Are you hungry for this experience? Come and talk to us ...

You can also read our free book on this subject: Did You Receive the Holy Spirit When You Believed? An Experience That Will Empower Your Life.


Have just come back from baptizing a new believer. We met the new believer a couple of weeks ago for the first time. At that time we laid hands on him to cast out a spirit of addiction (smoking). He hasn't been touching a cigarette ever since, and has no urge to smoke. Last week, we witnessed to him about Jesus again, and today he got baptized and received the Holy Spirit! He has started now a brand-new chapter of his life with Jesus. Jesus is making all things new! Hallelujah! "The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed" (TB Joshua). To be continued >>>


January 2015

One year ago we met a lady who believed in Christ and who had been baptized already. We then preached to her and prayed for her to receive the Holy Spirit but nothing happened. 2 weeks ago she called us again. We then visited her at her home and preached to her and her daughter on the infilling (or baptism with) the HS. They were both in the same situation like the some disciples in the bible (Acts 19) who had not really understood about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit when they got baptized. Like the disciples in Acts 19, she and her daughter then happily wanted to be baptized again (this time with understanding and faith that they would receive the Holy Sprit). Straightaway we then went off to a local lake, baptized them by full immersion, laid hands on them, and as in Acts 19:6 they both gloriously received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.

Now the mother is eager to take us to her extended family so that they can hear the full gospel and get a touch from the Lord as well! We are looking forward to that. ... To be continued >>>


Jesus is with us in Cambodia_Nov 2014

We just came back from a short trip in Siem Reap..

Praise the LORD, many people were healed on the street and markets. Headache, back pain, hearing loss, migraine, knee pain, tammy pain, shoulder pain, bruise pain from football accident etc... left people in Cambodia, Siem Reap.. You can see their smiles. I love that!..They are lovely people.....

It was wonderful to see and hear what Our Papa is doing among all nations. People hear the Gospels and know that they are so loved my their Creator, and He sent Jesus Christ to die for their sin...

He is the SAME..every where in the world...
Let His LOVE manifesting among ALL nations!

More to share...> TO BE CONTINUED >>>


November 8

The LastReformation_Chiang Mai_Thailand TODAY

We had great time with sisters and brothers and the door was opened for the Gospel. Two sisters received salvation and new life in Christ. They were baptized in water and Holy Spirit. Praise the LORD, right away after being born again, they laid hands on the sick and he was healed of his back pain.

Wonderful day with HIM. Glory to Heavenly Father who loves us.


Visit our web page for more details how to be born again in Spirit of GOD.


November 6

The LastReformation_Chiang Mai_ Thailand TODAY
Saved in the LORD.

We prayed for this sister 2 months ago at the shopping centre with her numbness. She got healed and heard the good news. She then repented, received water baptism, and received the Holy Spirit with accompanying sings of speaking in tongue 2 weeks ago.

She now is a baby who is growing nicely in His love and Faith.
Jesus Christ has died for us all. We can now receive His salvation...
He loves us so....


Healing Today in Chiang Mai_October 2014

The LORD has been with us at the local market this afternoon where we found many of persons of Peace. People received healing from hypertension, DM, uterus bleeding, lipoma, back pain, knee pain, joint pain, and many got a touch from our Father in Heaven.

They were NOT the same once Jesus has come and touched and hugged them. By the power of the Holy Spirit who is in us, people experienced much love, healing.

The Gospel was preach to them and the Book of ACTS continues among His disciples...
Much LOVE from us!

Albert & Peninnah


October 15

Look for Your Neighbor .....

I just came out at my gate to keep the car in the garage. There I saw our neighbor in front of their gate. I greeted her and she told me that she was about to go to the hospital due to the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and unwell at the tammy. I asked her if I could pray for her. She was surprised but agreed to receive healing. Even though she has NEVER HEARD about Jesus..

I simply laid hands on her..Peace came and the flow of healing was there. 
She told me that she had goose-bump , and cool, and peace. She was laughing and wondered. I believed that her illness has gone...

I told her that the Father and Jesus love her, He died for her sins and all sickness...




October 13

AMPUTATION_Canceled in Jesus 
Healing Today in Chiang Mai_Thailand

Today I just met a girl who has been diagnosed of gangrene at her both legs. The doctors were planning to amputate her leg since the blood flow stopped. We prayed diligently over her both legs, and COMMANDED the blood to flow, and life to come back in His name. Few days later, the surgery was CANCELED, and her legs both were healed. Praise the LORD.

Today she came to see me for the follow up, and she asked me to pray for her pain. Pain went away quickly in Jesus name.
The Gospel was also preached afterwards at the OPD. Praise the LORD, see how happy she is!

The Harvest is plentiful...TO BE CONTINUED... 

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Love you all....



Ocotber 12

Heart Healed _TODAY good news from Chiang Mai_Thailand

We just have good news from a friend whom our dear sister in Christ (Rachel) prayed for last week.. The lady had diagnosed of having a 1 cm hole at her heart, and was arranged for an operation on last Monday.

We also prayed for the surgeon who performed an operation. After the final assessment of her heart, the doctor found that the hole was too small for them to do anything. Th operation was canceled and the lady is able to back to work tomorrow, Praise the LORD for His marvelous work because He LOVES us so...... TO BE CONTINUED-----> ---->


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Loving on people in the market

Discipleship training

Good fish

Making disciples

Timothy: baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit

After prayer, lady can lift her right arm again

Lady is happy that Jesus has healed her right shoulder